The One Supplement You Should Be Taking

A lot of women ask me what supplements to take. Whether you are taking supplements to maintain a healthy diet, or to improve your overall nutritional health, there is one supplement every woman should take.

Pro – “Promoting, ” Biotics – “Life”

 Probiotics supply the body with healthy bacteria in order to balance the digestive system. This bacteria aids in preventing certain ailments and infections such as UTI infections, colds, yeast infections, that are often caused by poor food choices, lack of sleep or stress.

Why is your body’s digestive system important? You have two brains in your body. One in your head, and one in your stomach. The neuro-system in your stomach, which is controlled by this bacteria, prevents harmful bacteria, toxins, and chemicals from traveling into other organs and causing infections.

Probiotics can help in weight loss as well. They serve as a nutrient absorber that also make your intestinal wall less permeable. A less permeable intestinal wall keeps molecules that can cause obesity and diabetes out of your bloodstream.

Which one’s I Recommend:

Ultra Flora


Healthy Origins Probiotic


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