18 Day Hell on the Hill Training:

Day 1: Track/Stadium (Marist)

Part A:
5 rounds of
-Run straight away 110m (15sec or less)
-Walk the curve for recovery
-Run second 110 (15sec or less), immediately followed by 15 Kettle Bell Swings
-Walk the curve for recovery

Part B: Stadium
-Run 10 stadiums
-20 split jumps
-Run 8 stadiums
-Cone cross over push-ups (set up 3 cones) every cone do 5 push-ups= 30 total push ups
-Run 6 stadiums
-20 split jumps
-Run 4 stadiums
-Cone cross over push-ups
-Run 2 stadiums

Day 2: Rest Day

Day 3: Metcon/Strength (Paragon)

Warm-up: 800m run

Part A.
5 rounds of
-10 deadlifts @ body weight
-run 400m
-20 minute time cap

REST 5 minutes

Part B.
-1st minute: 15 pull ups (band assistance for Meghan & Jesse)
-2nd minute: 15 wall balls (20/14)
-3rd minute:  15 toes to bar (Jesse knees to elbows)
-4th minute: row 150m
*repeat cycle 5 times*

REST 5 minutes

Part C.
Metabolic Finale
-50 burpees (no time cap)


Day 4: Stadium workout (Oglethorpe)

Part A.
3 sets of:
-Bounding stadium, followed by 20 air squats at the top
-Walk down
-Run 1 stadium rep (top & back down)
-30 second recovery

Part B.
3 sets of:
-Bounding stadium, followed by 15 push-ups at the top
-Walk down
-Run 2 stadiums
-60 second recovery

Part C.
3 sets of:
-Bounding stadium, followed by 10 Kettle bell swings
-Walk down
-Run 3 stadiums
-90 second recovery


Day 5: Pool workout (deload/recovery)

Day 6: Metcon/Strength (Paragon)

Warmup: 800m run (run backwards last 400m)

*Come back in and set up bar for squat EMOM & Rower.  Go over proper squat form*

Part A.
-Row 2000m 9min or less
-10th minute start 10min/10rep back squat Emom Jesse(115) Meghan(135) Marq(225)

Part B.
-Tabatha V ups (4min total)

-Row 1000m in 6min or less
-8thmin start 10min/10rep Push Jerk Emom Jesse(75) Meghan(55 or 65) Marq(135)

Finish with 400m run (last 200m run backwards

Day 7: Track workout (Marist)

Part A.
4 sets of:
-800m run (6:30/7min mile pace)
-Followed by 15 KB swings
-Rest 90 seconds

Part B.
2 sets of:
-400m run @ 6min mile pace (1:30 or less)
-Followed by 12 push-up plank rotation
-Rest 60 seconds


Day 8: Rest Day

Day 9: Stadium workout (Oglethorpe)

Part A.
-50 stadiums w/ 40 minute time cap (1.6 miles total distance)

Day 10: Metcon/Strength (Paragon)
Warm Up:
1000m Row

Part A: 15 Rounds of
-5 deadlifts @ body weight (Jesse & Meg 135lbs, Marq 225)
-200m run
*Pace should be 6min to 6:30 on the 200m run & each round shouldn’t take longer then 90 seconds*
(20 min time cap)

Part B: 25min EMOM
-1st min: 15 push-ups
-2nd min: 15 box jumps (Jesse & Meg 20″ box, Marq 24″ box)
-3rd min: 15 wall balls
-4th min: 15 crossfit style sit-ups
-5th min: 15KBS (Meg 35lb, Jesse 53lb, Marq 70lb)
*repeat cycle 5 times*

METABOLIC FINALE: 30 burpees (will probably be just Meg & Marq)

Day 11: Track workout (Marist)

Warm up 400m run

Part A.
-Timed mile 1600m (sub 7:30)

Part B.
(switch exercise every other minute)
6min EMOM of:
-15 KB swings
-15 push ups


Day 12: Recovery Run

-5 mile recovery Run (9min pace on first 4miles, then 8min pace on last mile)

Day 13: Metcon/Strength (Paragon)

Warm Up: Run 400m (25 push-ups @ 200m & 25 push-ups @ 400m)

Part A:
300m shuttle run:

-10 rounds  (3 changes of direction)
*Shouldnt take longer than 1:15 to complete 300m shuttle, then 1min recovery*

Part B:
PushUp 10min EMOM: (remainder of minute is recovery)

-Marq=20 push-ups every minute (200reps in 10min)
-Jesse=15 push-ups every minute (150reps in 10min)
-Meghan=12 push-ups every minute (120reps in 10min)

Part C:
5 rounds(15min)

-1st min: 16 alternating dumbell snatches (Marq70lb, Jesse45lb, Meg35lb)
-2nd min: 15 pull-ups (Jesse green band, Meg purple band)
-3rd min: Row 200m

Day 14: Track workout (Marist)

Part A. (KB weight=35lb female, 55lb male)
-30 crossfit style sit-ups, 30 KB swings
-20 crossfit style sit-ups, 20 KB swings
-10 crossfit style sit-ups, 10 KB swings

Part B.
Mile repeats
-Run 1600m
-2minute Recovery
-Run 1600m (5 seconds faster pace than 1st rep)
-2minute Recovery
-Run 1600m (5 seconds faster pace than 2nd rep)
-2minute Recovery
-Run 1600m (5 seconds faster pace than 3rd rep)
-2min Recovery

Part C.
4 sets of:
-10 RDLs/per leg (KB weight= 35,45 or 55)
-110m run (15 seconds)
-Recovery is slow jog back


Day 15: Rest Day

Day 16: Stadium Workout (Oglethorpe)

-20 stadiums (13min or less)
-1min recovery
-5min EMOM 15incline push-ups (Meg 10), then 15 air squats (recover remainder of the minute)
-1min recovery
-20 stadiums (14min or less)
-1min recovery
-5min EMOM 15incline push-ups (Meg 10), then 15 air squats (recover remainder of the minute)
-20 stadiums (15min or less)

TotalWork= 60stadiums,150PU, 150AirSquats

Day 17: Track Workout (Marist)

Part A.
4sets of:
-800m run (sub 8min mile pace)
-12 KB swings
-90second recovery

Part B.
4sets of:
-400m run (sub 6min mile pace, 1:45 or less)
-20 air squats
-90 second recovery


Day 18: Track Workout (Marist)

Part A.
-10 min running clock,  push sled 25 yards in 15 seconds or less (45lb/90lb)
-30 second recovery

Part B. Hat Trick: Randomize the following exercises (in a hat by random draw):

50,40,30,20,10 meter sled drive

1000m, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m Run

10,20,30 push ups