10 Workout Mentalities I Have Graduated From

  1. La Fitness  – Ok, I haven’t completely graduated from LA Fitness, I still use their facilities, but sparingly, and not from the hours of 5pm-8pm. While the gym offers anything you could possibly need when it comes to working out, what it doesn’t offer is a mentality. Switching up your environment allows for growth both physically and mentally.


2. Long Workouts – I would log in 3-hour workouts at the gym. Easily. And now I am here to tell you, that isn’t the only option to get in shape. Shorter, more efficient and powerful workouts will test you mentally and physically and get you in better shape. It’s not about doing high reps, and a million exercises. It’s about doing the right movements at the right weight and at the right speed.

3. Calorie Burn – refrain from obsessing over calorie burn and focus on getting stronger, faster, and conquering new goals. I promise, once you start doing this, the fat will melt away.

4. Running – I love running. What I don’t is running a marathon. I will never say distance running is unhealthy, but the long-term effects to your body physically can be detrimental to your health. Not to mention, the consistent plateau of you heart rate does little for muscle growth and only increases your appetite. Compare a sprinter’s body and a marathoner’s body. I still run, but it’s not my only form of cardio.


5. Complacency – The best thing I ever did with my workouts was to never do the same workout once. I bike, I run, I swim, I crossfit, I run stairs, I push sleds, I climb shit. Like seriously, whatever. The definition of fitness is being able to conquer any obstacle thrown your way. Besides, getting out of your comfort zone in any aspect of life is fulfilling and makes your story a little more colorful.


6. Olympic Lifting – Squats, deadlifts, hang cleans.. the 9 fundamental movements of Crossfit have COMPLETELY transformed my body. No lie. This is the element of Crossfit I love. These movements give you everything you need.

7. Heavy Lifting – Lifting heavy does no make you bulk up. For every pound of muscle you gain, you burn an extra 50 calories throughout the day. Your pick.


8. Crossfit – I love/hate Crossfit. Crossfit makes me better at the things I suck at. I initially found Crossfit people to be extremely annoying and cult like. But now? I believe in the fundamental theory of Crossfit and I believe every workout should contain some element of that theory.


9. Bread & Pasta – Ugh, I love bread. So much. But now, I don’t eat bread, meaning the stuff you make sandwiches with, or the dinner rolls you eat. I make exceptions every now and then, but without this particular item of food, I have seen monumental changes in my body and energy.

10. Cardio Training – I have always been a runner and probably always will be. However, I got so addicted to running that that was all I did for cardio. That was the only form of cardio I thought that would help me maintain my physique and keep me in shape. Yeah, try rowing. Or running stairs. My whole perception of fitness now is to be the best I can be at any form of cardio. I do track workouts, stadium running, road biking, swimming, rowing, and climbing all as forms of cardio. This has truly changed my body.