4 Ways to Revolutionize Your Running Game

1. Download a Running App.

Accountability is important when it comes to running. What I like about these apps (other than the fact that they’re free) is that they account for your mile pace, track your distance, and store your workouts, so you know your progress. Knowing numbers (i.e. distance in meters, times and pace) will automatically make you set goals. Goal-setting is crucial if you want to get in better shape. In turn, this will also motivate you more and make you feel like you have more of a purpose to run.

RunKeeper runkeeper



2. Get a good pair of Shoes – A pair of shoes you will WANT to run in. 

My Recommendations:

Nike Frees (short distance/speed work) Nike_Free_2014_FlyknitUpper_large

Mizzuno Wave (mid/long distance)


3. Trail Running 

My Favorite Atlanta Runs:


Kennesaw Mountainkennesaw

4. Track Running or Speed Work 

This keeps things interesting and gets you in better shape. I can’t tell my clients enough how important it is to do interval work at least twice a week, even if you are a distance runner. You can do these workouts on a track, or anywhere as long you have a GPS running app. The world is your track  ;).

Example Interval Workouts

the world is your track

5. Set a weekly mile goal. 

I did this as a New Years Resolution a while back, and have stuck with the concept ever since. Each week, I run 20 miles. No week has ever been the same, I don’t think. Having a weekly goals allows me to break up my running in different ways, this way my body never plateaus. Here is an example week:

Monday: 4 Mile City Run

Tuesday: 16 200 Meter Sprints (2 miles)

Wednesday: 4 Mile repeats on a hill somewhere

Thursday: 7 Mile distance run at Kennesaw Mountain

Friday: 2 Miles in Stair runs 

Saturday: 1 Mile Warmup before lifting weights 

Sunday: OFF