4 Must-Have Fitness Gadgets

Having a “health” gadget to help you track your workouts, or your lifestyle, will bring structure to your fitness regime and accountability to your life. It will make you more aware of the decisions you make when it comes to food and exercise.

Fitness devices are meant to create more conscious, healthier lifestyle. Either way, if you struggle with keeping motivated when it comes to working out, or you want to rejuvenate a monotonous routine, maybe it’s time to invest in one of these:

Mio Alpha 2 

What it is: Sports watch with a top-of-the line HRM (heart rate monitor)

Why Mio Alpha 2? There is no uncomfortable chest strap to measure your heart rate (it does it on your wrist), it has bluetooth connectivity to all your favorite fitness apps, and tracks your distance, splits, and speeds. With this watch, you can also set up workouts for target heart rate zones using audible alerts. Being aware of your heart rate makes for more efficient workouts.

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mio alpha 2


What is AmpStrip?

A sensor-filled, self-adhesive patch that tracks your heart rate, activity level, rests, and recovery times.

Not only will the AmpStrip tell you what level of intensity your workouts should be based on your recent activity, but it will also provides feedback after each workout. This will keep you from under OR over training. And every athlete knows that knowing your target heart rate is the key to performing better.


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The QardioBase measures your body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, muscle mass, and weight. With this scale, you are also able to set up targets and reminders, as it stores all your records through charts and trends over time.

Why QardioBase? This is a body fat percentage scale. This will help keep you aware if the weight you are gaining or losing is muscle or fat. If you want a leaner figure, the more muscle you gain, the better!


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TempTraq – For the Parents Out There!


What it is: This is the first 24-hour digital thermometer for children.

What does it do? A small skin patch constantly records your child’s heart rate and sends temperature records and alerts straight to your smartphone.

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