5 Ways to Rule the Fitness Industry as a Woman


Making it in the fitness industry as a woman can be difficult. It’s a man’s world, or at least it used to be.. 💪. Here are 5 tips for helping all my fellow women make it:

1. Preserve your authenticity and uniqueness. In particular, I find this trait extremely valuable; perhaps most valuable. Branding yourself in any industry is difficult and inevitably calls for uniqueness and creativity. But for women this can be hard. Being that the fitness industry is primarily viewed as a man’s world, conforming to a male perspective on providing information seems to happen. It is important to note that although your brand may not take off at first, hang in there and believe in what you stand for. It will eventually resonate with people. Repetition is the key to success.

2. Make sure your brand helps people solve a problem. People turn to personal trainers and fitness experts to seek advice and guidance that he or she otherwise may not be able to find. Whether it’s showing people a new technique to solve back problems, or providing a new diet, make sure that the information you are providing brings a solution to your consumers. By helping people advance in their personal fitness journey, you will become a go-to source and sounding board for many others. If your conversation is the same as everyone else’s, you are just another trainer with an Instagram and a blog.

3. Know who your target audience is. Knowing who your niche is will help you to conserve your time and narrow your efforts in terms of marketing to those who will utilize your services most. For example, I know my key demographic is women between the ages of 25-50 who are seeking to gain lean muscle mass. Thus, my efforts are concerted more to this demographic than say men or the Crossfit community. Being an entrepreneur and having your own company is hard. Time is money and appealing to everyone is impossible. Knowing who values your brand most will help you concentrate on where you can build the most value.

4. Be interactive on social media and practice what you preach. People want to see you in action. Generally speaking, especially in the fitness industry, people like to see the information or workouts you provide, brought to life. Especially since exercise is about proper technique and form, you have to be able to show people that you can do and that you believe in what you stand for. Be the billboard for your brand. Be an example for those who look up to you. Besides, isn’t this what social media is for? Your Instagram and Facebook are your free tools to bring your brand to life. Build your value here.

5. Stay current with what is going on in your industry. Knowledge has no gender. Knowing what you are talking about is vital to your success. Stay up to date with fitness news, popular trends and key influencers. Becoming a source of expertise to the community requires you to know your sh*t. Your clients aren’t nearly as invested in your realm as you are. So read the news, go to trade shows and constantly network with industry leaders.

So ladies, go on… Empower yourself.