5 Ways Millennials Are Changing the Health & Fitness Industries

imageMillennials (18-34) are the largest population in the U.S. They outnumber baby boomers by 7.7 million! And since 81% of millennials exercise or would like to exercise (according to a Nielson poll), there’s no doubt that this generation is the fastest and largest growing audience for healthcare providers and fitness industry innovators. Millennials are super conscious of their health, but they also want the easiest and fastest ways to take care of it. Here are 5 ways they are rocking these industries:

  1. We value technology. Millennials have a holistic health approach to health.  For us, apps and devices, such as MapMyRun and the Nike FitBit, are becoming a necessity. Millennials want free healthcare around the clock. The accountability in technology keeps us structured and is vital to our overall health. Besides, according to a Nielson poll, 85% of millennials own smartphones. We track distance when we run, we scan things at the grocery store for nutrition value and we track our calorie intake all on our iphones. We like personalized and customizable programs. Shout out to apple for replacing healthcare expenses.


2. “Athleisure” is the new fashion for millennials. From Yeezy cranking out Boost fitness fashion, to girls wearing Lululemon on the daily (I don’t see many guys complaining about yoga pants), Millennials are incredibly fashion forward with sports wear. They value comfort and happiness over conformity and stiffness. According to Business Insider: “While previous generations dressed up for work and play, millennials have a tendency to wear brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Lululemon everywhere, according to NPD.”

3. We trust our ability to stay healthy and track our own health rather than see a physician. I remember when I was shopping for healthcare, my sales rep felt it necessary to constantly remind me how many physician visits I would get a year. For future reference @bluecrossblueshield, this “perk” has literally no value to us. According to ZocDoc, 93% of millennials don’t schedule physician visits. We actually prefer walk-in clinics and will only go in order to prevent death.

4. We believe in togetherness when it comes to staying in shape.We are like the Woodstock of fitness. We love our community and value each other’s opinions. We share things on social media and we like event-based exercise such as Crossfit, obstacle courses and 5k races.

5. We like short and efficient when it comes to working out. That’s why you haven’t seen Richard Simmons in months. We also workout for the experience; we look at it like a sport. That’s why there is a Crossfit movement and that’s why there are organizations like The Nike Training Club that gives you 25 minute workouts you can do virtually anywhere.