5 Ways Exercise Can Help You Deal With Real Life


  1. You are a goal-setter.  Setting up personal goals makes you a more focused person. You won’t let the little setbacks deter you from reaching your goals. Keeping the big picture in mind leaves your mind open to creativity and allows you to make better short-term decisions.
  2. You are quantitatively conscious. Number, Numbers, Numbers… Miles, paces, weights, times…it never ends. This helps you in real life too. Being conscious of time, money, or ways to pace yourself, sets you up to make smart and calculated decisions.
  3. You are creative. When it comes to physical activity, we all like games, and obstacles, and challenges, or else we wouldn’t be doing it. We are constantly using our minds to move our body in ways that brings joy and pleasure (or pain) to our lives. Once you nail this, you will start making positive and creative decisions in your real life as well.
  4. You are sensitive to when you should and shouldn’t go for it. Knowing what you can or can’t handle is also imperative to succeeding in physical or emotional life. Knowing when to pull back can save you from injury or making a mistake.
  5. There is never anything you don’t think you can conquer. You trust your abilities more in real-life when you challenge yourself physically. That same satisfaction will be come when you overcome stressful situations at work or home. You’re ready for this!