“Fran” For Runners: 21-15-9

“I love doing FRAN” – Said No One Ever.

Fran is a Crossfit WOD:

21-15-9 (reps) of 95lb Thrusters & Pull-ups

I like this workout because it is a benchmark workout (a way to measure your “fitness”). This is a good one to complete over an over to continually improve your personal record. You are going to get in great shape.

This workout is hard, but the reason it works is because its metabolic conditioning at it’s finest. It’s a high-intensity style workout. The average calories burned per minute for females during FRAN, according to the American Council of Exercise, is 12.3. The subject’s heart rates were also raised to 90% of the maximum heart rate. This is a killer workout.


So I understand that some people like to run as well, and workouts like this are great, yet they are short and when you are done, sometimes you still feel like you want to do something more, like it’s not long enough.

So lately, I have been incorporating the 20 miles I run weekly, into a FRAN like workout. And I am very pleased with the results.

Here is an example one for you to try!

Run 1 Mile- (7:30 min pace or less)

21-15-9 Sit ups & Push ups

Run 1200 (7:20 min pace or less)

21-15-9 Step-Ups & Burpees

Run 800 Meters (6:45 min pace or less)

21-15-9 Pull-ups & Dips

Run 400 Meters  (6:15 min pace or less)

21-15-9 Sit ups & Jump Squats

(800 Meter LIGHT cool down)

Total Distance: 3 Miles