Here, Try This…

This workout was created and completed by myself and my co-worker Brandon.

This is the type of workout is extremely effective and is time efficient.

Part 1


1 Mile in Hill Sprints (15 reps total) – 6:21 Minute Pace
Rest 4 Minutes
1 Mile in Hill Sprints (15 total) – 6:31 Minute Pace
Total Hill sprints: 30 reps
Total time: 12:51 minutes
Part 2
40 Meter resistance band high knee sprint
3 back pedal runs – super-set with 10 meters of forward lunges each round
Repeat X4
Part 3
Power cleans- 10,8,6,4,4 (weight: 95lbs, 105lbs, 115lbs, 120lbs, 125lbs)
Super-Set with 20 med ball air squats

Why I Like This Workout
  • Hill Sprints – Reduction in compressive forces to the joints and soft tissue, raises and lowers your heart rate creating serious calorie burn, and incline/hill sprints will give the lower extremities in particular (legs, hips, hamstrings, calves, shins) a very good strength workout, not to mention the abdominals and torso.
  • Short Sprints– You are using your Type II muscle fibers- your heart rate skyrockets during these, so the calorie burn and strength gain is unreal. Type IIb muscle fibers have the fastest-contractile speed, the largest cross-sectional area, the lowest oxidative capacity, and the highest glycolytic capacity. They are ideally suited for short fast bursts of power. These muscle fibers are used in such activities as sprinting, powerlifting, and bodybuilding. Type IIa muscle fibers are intermediate and their properties lie between type I and type IIb.- According to
  • Power Cleans– Olympic lifting, AKA big fundamental movement. The human body is built in one piece. This movement utilizes your entire body, increasing your strength overall. The effects on your cardiovascular system are great as well. Every muscle in the body is used, including all the support system. – According the