10 Fitness Essentials for the Spring

  1. Nike Metcon Crossfit Shoes– Just do it. They’re amazing for lifting.

 2. Nike Woven Light Rain Jacket – Good for climate wear. Think NYC in the Spring!



3. Nike Power Speed Leggings – Because compression is sexy and comfortable.

power speed

4. Beats Wireless – No chord? No problems. Lift. Run. Jump.

5. Fabletics Sports Bra – Feel sexy when you lift heavy sh*t.

6. A G-Shock Watch– AMRAPS & EMOMS  – Why? Accountability. Every. Damn. Workout.


7. The Upside Sheer Graphic Tank– Love these. Light, breathable, and cute.


8. Sweat Betty Luxe Backpack– Part of being in shape means always being prepared. Carry your fitness when you aren’t home all day.


9. Barehand Gloves. Lift Callus free.


10. Nike Flow Graphic Tank. So comfortable. And So cute.