3 Things That Happen When…

You Give up Sweets…

  1. Your skin clears up. A known acne trigger is called, Systemic inflammation. And guess what sugar is? Yup, an inflammatory.
  2. You will sleep better. Sugar is a catalyst in helping the body release the hormone cortisol which interferes with getting to sleep, and staying asleep.
  3. You will lose that extra 5 pounds. Without the added calories, you could lose the extra lbs pretty easily.


You Start Lifting Weights…

  1. You learn the true meaning of the phase, “Mind over matter.” This will help you in all areas of life.
  2. The effect that weightlifting has on your metabolism and fat loss is inevitable and awesome. The moment you step off a treadmill, the calorie burn ends. When you are gaining lean muscle, the burn goes All. Day.
  3. You realize the importance of compound body movements. Think POWER.



You Give up Bread…

  1. You lose weight. I know this sounds obvious, but seriously, when your body doesn’t have the extra calories to use for energy, it draws on stored fat, particularly that of which is stored in your midsection.
  2. Simple carbs cause aggressive ups and downs in energy. Eating longer lasting carbs like fruit, whole grains, oatmeal..etc., creates steady, long-lasting energy.
  3. Your belly gets flatter. Those gut microbes that feast on sugar (from carbs) are what makes your belly feel bloated. When there’s no sugar to feast on, there is no bloat.


You Start Metabolic Conditioning…

  1. You understand that structural and compound movement are the key to everything when it comes to fitness.
  2. You start to crave high intensity workouts. You want every workout to bring you to the brink.
  3. Your hormones start to regulate. Several studies have shown that hormones that promote “lipolysis,” the fat loss hormone, increase as a results of high intensity strength training.