Kick Ass in April

Need a game plan for the Spring time? Time to mix it up! Never let your body acclimate.

From my experience as an athlete and as a trainer, cross training is the best way to get into shape and to see the results you want. There are three elements (forms of exercise) that each week of your monthly training regiment should have:

  1. Cross Training: Workout consists of a 50/50 mix of metabolic and weight lifting
  2. Expanding your skills to be prepared for anything: I need you to be able to snatch just as well as you run 800 meters.
  3. Exercise for Time: Fitness for time! Time everything. Metcon workouts are completely, 110% necessary for overall fitness.

With a new endeavor each day, how can the body possibly plateau?

Click below for my April Training plan!


If you can’t do some of these movements, YouTube them, learn how to scale, or start a training program with me!