Which Olympic Lifts Make you a Better Runner?

Olympic lifting makes you a stronger runner.

When it comes to lifting, inherently, runners are better at pulling from the ground (i.e. cleans, snatches, and squat cleans). Why? Because, neurologically, when fatigued, they automatically signal for their hamstrings, quads, and glutes to activate; making the lower portion of their body a powerhouse.

Why lifting from the floor is good for runners: movements like snatches and a clean & jerks, referred to as “pulls,” involve the important ankle, knee and hip extension—known as triple extension—involved in the full versions, but do not include the difficult catch phase.”

In comparison to any overhead lifts (which runners are usually weak at), this extension is much more natural for runners, making it easier to become more powerful at the lifts that require such an extension. Perfecting the technique of these lifts, practicing, and increasing the weight, will make you a more powerful runner.

This is your 10 second difference. Be powerful.

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Power is the amount of force you can produce in a given moment in time. Therefore, the more powerful you are, the more force you can develop in less time. Powerful runners have a higher level of relative strength and can tap into their fast twitch muscle fibers better than weaker runners.”


Start Cross training. Rev your engine in more ways than just interval running and distance running. Be a better athlete.

Weight lifting, Improves running performance as a result of neuromuscular adaptations that ensures that muscle activation remains high during the duration of a workout or race. In one study, after ten weeks of resistance training, 10K times decreased by an average of a little over one minute.”


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