7 Habits Every Fit-Minded Person Has

1. Lift Heavy. Want to torch that body fat? Well, you’re going to have to pick up something more than 10lbs. Lifting heavy for 30 minutes twice a week can reduce your body fat 3% without even cutting any calories. When you do lift, it should be 85% of your max load for about 8-10 reps and 45% your max load for about 12-15 reps. Increasing muscle strength, as opposed to muscle endurance, also helps burn intra-abdominal fat. Hello Summer bikini.

2. Portion Control. Okay, so the 4 meals a day and snacks in between can be tedious and hard to schedule. If your existing diet or nutritional guidelines don’t work for you, portion control is something you can do without even altering your current eating patterns. Watch how much you eat when you do it. That means, no mindless eating. Put things on a plate in clear vision, don’t eat from the bag, and make sure you are proportion your food groups evenly (30% Carbohydrates, 40% protein (1gram/lb of body weight), 30% healthy fat).

3. Interval Cardio. Time to stop hitting those 6 mile runs so much. Introducing interval cardio, a better, and not to mention, more time-efficient way to get your cardio in. Only have 20 minutes? Great, let’s go. Switch you speed based on distance or time on a treadmill, bike, row machine, or just running outside. One of my and my clients’ favorite workouts is a 5-4-3-2-1. Run 5 minutes, jog 5 minutes, Run 4 minutes, jog 4 minutes… and so on. Switching up your intensity from high to low requires your body to pump blood to and from the heart ore frequently, which requires a higher calorie burn.

My client John Rauls before and after. Healthy Living!!! #WORK

4. No Bread or Sweets. Yes, I know, the most satisfying foods in the world. But, if you cut the carbs, you cut back your stomach bloat too. Ever feel like you wake up with a flat stomach, and then around after lunch, you feel like you have a “pregnant” stomach. That belly protrusion can be caused by the wrong types of carbs or too many carbs. Here is your list of good carbs and bad. 

5. Protein. Collect your essential proteins from both animal and plant protein. High protein and low carbohydrate diets help the body lose fat and gain lean muscle. Protein will also keep you fuller longer, which can sometimes help you avoid mid-day and nighttime snacking.

6. Sleep. GO TO BED! Less than 6 hours of sleep can totally throw off your body’s energy homoeostasis. There are two hormones, Leptin, the “put the fork down” hormone, and Ghrelin, the “time to eat” hormone, that regulate your energy by turning on and off your hunger signals. Often times, when your body is tired, you experience a decreased sensitivity to leptin, which results in an increased production of Ghrelin. This creates then mental inability to determine hunger and fight cravings even when you are not hungry.

7. 1 Gallon of water a day. Your muscles are 90% water. However, let’s be clear. Drinking more water is not going to make you lose weight. Drinking water can however, help you lose weight. Does that make sense? Water doesn’t have a magic calorie burner, but it does have the ability to help you from overeating. Your body will send hunger cues when hungry, but be sure those are not thirst cravings first. Water helps keep your metabolism going, it serves as an appetite suppressant and it cleanses your body of waste and toxins. Cheers!