All Summer 16: 6 Motivational Tools to Help you Sweat This Summer

1. Samsung Wireless Earbuds 

They’ve cut the chord! They’ve cut the chord! Hallelujah.

If working out/running is as mental as we say it is, something like a loose hair tie holding your ponytail up, or the chord hitting the back of your arm during a run, can be a make or break when it comes to having a good workout. I know this to be true. My headphone game has evolved from the classic white iPhone earbuds, to the Beats headphones, and then the wireless Beats. Now, Samsung has me sold.

Samsung Wireless Earbuds .jpg

Samsung’s $200 wireless earbuds are bluetooth and have the capability of being synced directly with your phone, yet they also have 4GB of space, so that you can store music on them and run without a phone. They are due to be released between July and September of 2016.


2. Voke Vitalizes chews 

To help you go the extra mile, sometimes you need a little extra boost!

Sometimes we don’t always feel like getting our sweat on. Or maybe it’s around that time of the month, where you are feeling a little sluggish. Regardless, a little boost of natural energy never hurt. It helps us stay mentally focused, burns a few extra calories, and helps us to stay motivated during some of the longer runs or strength cycles.


Pre-workout supplements can have negative effects on your kidneys, can cause increased blood pressure, possible adrenal fatigue, and nausea.

I like Voke Tabs because they are a blend of natural energy derived from leaves and berries.  Yes, I know some of us have grown tired of living in a market that’s over-saturated with Organic EVERYTHING. But think about this: If you replace one energy drink, or coffee each day with Voke, you can save $81/month and 6000 Calories a month. Learn more CLICK HERE.

3. FitBit Blaze 

Almost all of my clients use some sort of health/fitness tracker; most of whom own a FitBit. Think: accountability, progress, and tracking. These devices’ sole purpose is to help you lose weight, track your progress, and motivate you to be accountable.


Introducing the FitBit Blaze. A newly evolved addition of the FitBit that helps you remain accountable not only when you exercise, but when you’re at work or home as well. This is truly the company’s Super Watch; think, Fitness Smartwatch. The Blaze allows you to sync your calls, messages, and calendar directly with your phone. It also allows you to play, pause or skip songs streaming from your phone as well. It also offers 5 full days/nights of battery life. So you can still go off the grid on the weekends and be bad without the guilt… 😉

4. Nike Free RN Distance

Last summer, I ran in Nike Frees, and actually really enjoyed my ride on them. Despite my skepticism on their lack of stability for my longer runs, they actually worked for me, but I knew they wouldn’t work for those who needed a little more arch support and stability. 

Nike Free RN Distance'

Well, it’s like Nike heard me. Nike has now come out with a  “distance” edition of these shoes; the Nike Free RN Distance shoes.  It is the first in it’s style (Free’s), to be suitable for the longer runs. They are designed to provide more lateral stability, yet they use the technology of the lunar glides, to provide more cushion and support for a long-duration impact. Priced at $120, I think it’s worth the investment!

5. Under Armor’s Health Box

If you are looking for something that’s built to make you better, you’ve can find it in UA’s new Health Box. Here are the building blocks that make up the box:

health bod .jpg

  • A Band, almost like a FitBit, that measures your sleep, your resting heart rate, and workout intensity.
  • A scale. But what I like about this scale is that it not only measures weight, but it measures body fat. And in my opinion, this is a more important number than how much you weigh.
  • A strap. To measure your heart rate, this way you can see how much time you spent in your fat burning zone, so you will know how to train in future workouts, in order to lose weight.
  • A free app. With the purchase of UA’s Heath Box, comes a free membership of MyFitnessPal Premium and MapMyFitness.

6. Peloton Cycle

The first bike of it’s kind to have live and on demand cycle classes. You can ride flexible and you have the ability to choose your instructor and type of music. You can also compete with other riders located around the world during your class. This is truly addicting, inspiring, and fitness evolved.

Watch the video and tell me you aren’t sold.