12-Week Marathon Training Plan

If you are looking to PR your next marathon, you found the right plan. There are two really awesome things about my 12-week plan: 1. It’s free. 2. IT WORKS.

I am a competitive track and field athlete and Boston Marathon Qualifier. For this plan, I have combined three types of training styles in order to make you run your fastest marathon yet. My goal is to make your race pace as comfortable as possible. This plan is unique in that it’s not like conventional marathon training plans…mileage, mileage, mileage. It’s a cross training plan that includes an even ratio of speed work, distance running, and metabolic conditioning.

I have experimented with many training styles and methods and I know this type of marathon training works. And the cool thing is that, not only am I giving you guys this plan, but you can use the workouts even if you aren’t running a marathon.

My training plan is also available on the Aaptiv App, where you are able to hear my voice guide you through each of the runs; yes, including the 20 miler. So come hang out with me on the app!