Virtual Training

6-Week training programs are tailored to fit your specific needs. Each client is different and the program you are on should reflect that.

What I do: I program out 6 weeks worth of cardio and strength conditioning workouts (3 strength and 2 cardio) to help you achieve your personal fitness goals, whether it’s to lose weight, gain lean muscle, or just get into a healthy lifestyle. Along with programming the workouts for you, I also offer lifestyle and nutrition tips that I have seen work for different people over the years 🙂

Everyone has his or her own style, so I develop programs based on the following types of training:

  • CrossFit Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Programming
  • Cross training: 3 Running workouts/Cross Train workouts
  • General strength training to gain lean muscle mass
  • Speed/Interval workouts (treadmill or outdoor)
  • 5k Training
  • 10k training
  • Half Marathon training
  • Full Marathon Training
  • Rowing Workouts

If you are interested in getting started, please fill out the form below: