5 Ways to Fall Into Fitness

Interval Training:

The whole point of interval training is to allow the body to have periods of rest, and periods of activity. A.K.A. Recovery time/Work time. You get more out of the work time if you can operate at full capacity (thank you recovery minute). Interval training is effective because of this. And intervals, or HIIT training, doesn’t necessarily have to be running. You can do intervals in anything. Biking, swimming, bodyweight exercises, TABATA, METCON training, or all of it together. Whatever your jam is.

And really we interval train in every day life too. The highs and lows. But really good highs (work periods) can’t happen with the lows (recovery time).

Body weight training: 

I like body weight training because it requires no equipment, and it demands a certain level of subconscious bodily-awareness. Think about it, you are in total control of your body and how you move at that very moment. And in my opinion, anytime you can simultaneously transcend mentally & physically, you get immediate positive feedback. You’re more in tune with yourself and your own strength.  Commit to making calisthenics a habit, and you will be well on your way to shedding the pounds.

Meditation Apps: 

I don’t meditate, but i’m interested in it. And I think this is going to be a big trend in the upcoming months. The convenience of meditation apps now makes the concept of meditation readily available to virtually anyone, at anytime. I think a lot about getting healthy has to do with making it a lifestyle. And the more centered you are as a person, the more your going to value the house you live in.

Athleisure Wear:

Fitness Fashion! The fashion industry seems to be taking a liking to sports clothes as every day wear. I’ve been doing this out of necessity, due to my job, for years, but now, i’m seeing more and more people value the comfort in athletic apparel. How I think people can use this to their advantage, is to buy bold workout gear that inspires them to sweat.

If you feel like you look good, you’re going to want to perform at your best.

The 3 C’s: