Speed and Stamina: How to Improve Both at the Same Time 

The Active Recovery Interval Run:

I prefer active recovery interval workouts because they combine speed and stamina; you have to maintain a threshold tempo pace for the active periods, and instead of resting or walking between intervals, you jog at half the speed. In doing this, you’re fine-tuning your neuromuscular pathways to recover faster and grow stronger.

To further elaborate: I don’t treat active recovery interval workouts like speed interval workouts. In my speed interval workouts, my rest/recovery periods are total rest (not running). In doing this, I’m able to replenish my phosphocreatine. My phosphocreatine enables me to utilize instant energy storages each repeat, which I am likely to use in the first 20-30 seconds of my 200 meter repeats.

Now, my active recovery interval workouts, I allow for a jogging or “active” recovery. In doing this, my heart rate never fully slows, and because it doesn’t return to a resting rate, I am forced to improve my stamina because I’m now relying on both my anaerobic and aerobic energy stores to get me through the workout.

Runners who should use these types of workouts: 800/1000M runners, 5k runners, 10k runners, and half marathoners.

Quality over Quantity. TRY IT!

30 min Beginner Active Recovery Interval Workout: 

Warmup: Jog 2 minutes/Walk 1 minute

Run 1 minute TEMPO; Jog 2 minutes —> (Repeat X4)

Run 2 minutes TEMPO; Jog 1 minute —> (Repeat X3)

Run 3 minutes TEMPO; jog 3 minutes

40 Minute Intermediate Active Recovery Interval Workout: 

Jog 5 minutes to Warmup; Walk 2 minutes

Run TEMPO 5 minutes; jog 2 minutes—> (Repeat X2)

Run TEMPO 3 minutes; jog 1 minutes—> (Repeat X4)

3 minute jogging cool down

7 Mile Advanced Active Recovery Interval Workout: 

Jog 1 mile to Warmup

Walk 2 minutes

Run 800 Meters at 5k race pace; jog 2 minutes —>(Repeat X8)

2 Mile cool Down