November Nutrition Challenge


What you can eat for Breakfast:

Choose amongst the following:

Eggs/Omelette, oatmeal, strawberries, grapefruit, turkey bacon, orange juice,  whole grain, no added sugar cereal, fruit smoothies with almond milk, or hard boiled eggs


👍🏼 Add a teaspoon a flaxseed oil to your oatmeal to regulate your digestive system  for the day

👍🏼 Eat within 30 minutes of waking up

What you can eat for Mid-Morning Snack/ Lunch/ Mid-Afternoon Snack:

Choose amongst the following:

Reasonable Bars: Kind Bars, Manbake Protein, Simply Protein Bars, Chia Bar, Larabar, Luna bars, Flavor & Fiber, Pro Bar,

Snack: Banana/kale/ almond milk smoothie, pistachios, ricotta and strawberries, hard boiled eggs, lettuce wrapped in turkey meat, hummus and veggies, crackers with peanut butter and bananas, bananas, tuna/chicken salad, salad, heirloom tomatoes mixed with Balsamic spinach and pine nuts, Avocado &provolone cheese, Rice Cakes and peanut butter, sweet potato fries with chipotle yogurt  grilled chicken strips,smoked salmon, or sashimi

What you can eat for Dinner:

Make these kinds of meals on the days you don’t workout:

Miso glazed Salmon with kale cease salad and broccoli

Honey soy salmon with edamame and a salad

Flounder seasoned paprika and baked in olive oil with redskin potatoes and asparagus and squash

On the Days you do workout:

Tuna/tuna tare tare with quinoa carrots and squash

Chicken marinated and baked, brown rice and spinach

Lemon Garlic Shrimp with corn and green beans


👍🏼Boost your carb intake on the days you exercise and cut back on carbs on the days you do not

👍🏼Fist size portions

👍🏼Do total body workouts

👍🏼5 SMALL splurges during the week

What Your Workout Week Should Look Like

Monday: 30-45 minutes of Cardio/Interval Training &  20 minutes of strength training

Tuesday: 45 minutes of HIIT training

Wednesday: 30-45 minutes of Cardio/Interval Training &  20 minutes of strength training

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 60 minutes of cardio

Saturday: Crosstrain (spin/yoga/ROM WOD/Power Yoga/Barrys/AKT

Sunday: OFF




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