My 6 Tips For Running in the Heat

Summer heat can be brutal. My goal as a running coach is to get you through that. Which is why I want to give you 6 of my personal tips to help you get through your summer workouts: 

  1. Amino Acids: I find that loading up on amino acids before or during an outdoor run helps me tolerate the heat more than I would without them. Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle. So amino acids help prevent your muscle proteins from breaking down during a run. And, in turn, the fatigue from muscle exhaustion becomes less cumbersome, leaving you to mentally deal with the heat. Dealing with the heat mentally is a lot easier to do when you aren’t in pain.
  2. Glutamine: Intense physical exercise drains glutamine storages faster than the body can replenish them. And according to, “Glutamine supplements may be helpful when your body is stressed because your body releases cortisol, which can lower your glutamine stores. In the cases of burns, surgeries, injuries, infections, and other trauma, glutamine supplements may strengthen your immune system and reduce infections. Take a teaspoon of glutamine the night before you have a hot run to help repair your muscles so you run more efficiently, and will notice the heat LESS!
  3. Clothing: Dry Fit! Also, I like to wear a tank or t-shirt over top bra, and I only take the shirt off and run in the bra when I can no longer handle the heat. This wave of coolness will change your world.
  4. Water: Heat escapes through your head, so it feels totally rejuvenating to pour cold water over your head in addition to drinking it. Periodically do this to “think cool”
  5. The “No-No” Zone – between the hours of 3pm-5pm- Stay far, far away from late afternoon. This is why the sun is highest in the sky. And also, be aware of poor air quality alerts more so than heat alerts. This is the really dangerous air and shouldn’t be inhaled excessively.
  6. Breathing: Breathing is more difficult in the heat. So, make sure that even when you start the run and feel great, that you still have to take a huge, deep inhale every 3 minutes. The more oxygen we can get into our body, the more efficiently we run. Making this a habit early on in the run, makes for a way less painful run.