Apps You Can Train With Me On

Personal Training, Anytime, Anywhere.

Aaptiv is on-demand audio fitness that combines my guidance and a playlist that I carefully select to match your BPM, to give you a fresh way to work out.


Aaptiv was founded with the goal of bringing an elevated workout experience to a global community. We use technology to make that experience accessible anytime, anywhere – whether you’re working out at your local gym in LA or running outside while traveling in London.

PerFIcT App:


A fitness app that provides my certified personal training programs tailored to your needs. You can base your programs off beginner, intermediate, or advanced, and my programs are featured in the Cross Training and Sports Training sections!

Check it out in the iTunes store! Programs range are both $7.99. “Under 45 minute X-Trainer” is for cross training, and “Running Trainer” is for runners who are looking to strength train specifically to run faster.