30-Day Customized Programming

Why Programming Works:

Have you ever had those days where your body feels heavy, or you go to run and your pace is sluggish and feels hard to maintain? Those days are really mentally and physically defeating and can cause major setbacks in your training. These days don’t have to happen. If you program accordingly, have the appropriate amount of rest time, and make sure your weeks are spread out, you and your body will be in a much better place.

What I Do For You:

As a running coach & personal trainer, I have had over 6 years of experience in programming individual workouts, for both running and strength training, to help clients reach his or her individual goals.

I program out 30 days (1 month) worth of cross training, running, or strength training, depending on what you are training for. Also, I am available to answer any questions through out the entire duration of your training. Typically programs are for improving running form and speed, for weight loss and toning, and for 5ks, 10ks, half and fulls.


Diana Orr:

I’m LOVING my 30 day customizable training that Meghan Takacs developed for me!  She really took into consideration the other activities that I was already doing and incorporated them into my plan for cross training workouts.  With the strength training and interval workouts I feel like I’m getting much more out of my runs than I ever was before… and up until a month ago, the farthest I’d ever run was 13.1 miles.  Yesterday I ran 18 miles!  I’ve also increased my pace since starting this training.  Highly recommend!  Thank you Meghan!

Lauren Alba:

“Meghan, I just can’t express how much you’ve helped me. I’m down a total of 35lbs and you’ve been the biggest help. Whether it’s been through the Aaptiv app or through the 30 day program.”


Leeann Wagenburger:

I love this plan! It’s geared towards me, my goals, and my interests.  Meghan is tough, but it’s just what I needed!   A couple other pluses… it’s complete with attached videos to show me the exercise, and she is always prompt in answering any questions I may have.  Looking forward to seeing how things  progress! 

Maria McCann:

 Meghan quickly became my favorite trainer on Aaptiv. Once I started following her on Instagram I was intrigued – she was combining my love of running with crossfit moves in a way that I would try to do on my own but was not able to program properly. I started her custom programming about a month ago and holy crap I have never worked so hard in my life. I truly didn’t realize what I was capable of until I started having Meghan program for me and am soo excited to see what she has in store next.

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