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My 2017 New Year’s Resolution: “The 10 Rule”


My 2017 New Year’s Resolution is to make a list of 10 attainable goals (5 physical goals, and 5 mental goals) to accomplish each month.

In doing so, my hope is that as I achieve these goals, I can use that constant feeling of accomplishment to motivate myself to reach higher. I hope the goals get bigger, more challenging, and brighter as the year progresses.

I tell people this when I coach them; just get to the end of the minute and then focus on the next. Life, in my opinion, works the same way. Start setting small, attainable goals, and let the feeling of accomplishing them motivate you to push forward to the next one!


Another Year Down…Hell on the Hill Pt. 3





The Life of Ryan comes to CrossFit FiDi!

During the 2016 CrossFit Open, Ryan, from Dublin, Ireland, came to NYC to do a Box Tour and our box was on the list! Check out this awesome video he put together and follow him on Instagram! @ryanwconlan

Living With a SEAL, by Jesse Itzler

To say “It’s Hilarious” would be an understatement. It made me laugh my entire plane ride from ATL to NYC. Then, at the end, it made me cry. Specifically when I read, “I just don’t think you give your lives enough credit, he said softly.” Which is true. We get so caught up in the stress of our day to day lives, we forget how lucky we really are.

From this book, you will learn. And you will change. Not because you are scared of SEAL, but because SEAL has the ability to completely revolutionize your mindset.


I could be a bit biased, considering I have built my entire career around fitness. But needless to say, I understand the value in “pushing yourself” and that is what this book is all about. Finding freedom in stepping outside of your comfort zone. Fitness has changed my life and my perspective on virtually everything and I think this book could make most people feel the same way.

People forget that pushing themselves physically has both mental and physical benefits. In fact, the mental benefits are probably greater in the long run, than the physical ones. This is evident in this book.

This book not only made me grateful to be in the profession I am in, but it was truly inspiring. It can touch the heart of someone who has never gotten up off the couch, yet it can also touch the heart of any athlete, no matter what sport, age or gender. It is truly all-encompassing.

A great quote from the book that is a direct reflection of this all-encompassing notion is:

“But maybe the most important thing I learned from SEAL was the level of appreciation has has for difficulty. The harder the training, the more courage it took to do and the more satisfaction was derived from it. SEAL taught me that you only get one shot at life and you should find out what’s in the reserve tank. Coasting is for “pussies” as SEAL would say and it’s when you dig deep that you feel most alive.”

How the book affected my life within the 24 hours after reading it (seriously, this is all really happened):

January 3rd, 8 P.M.: Whole Foods on 87th and 2nd Ave in New York City

I was eating dinner and finishing off the book, when a woman walked by me pushing her baby in a stroller. I could see out of the corner of my eye that she paused and look wildly indiscreetly at the cover of my book. Upon seeing what I was reading, baby was immediately given to father and she sat down and directly told me, “That is the best book I have ever read.” I hadn’t even swallowed yet, but we had already instantly connected. So here we have it. Not only is the book an inspiration to everyone, but it also has the ability to connect New Yorkers, and everyone hates everyone in New York. We sat at the table and talked about the book for a good 10 minutes, sharing our favorite quotes like, “If you want to be pushed to your limits, you have to train to your limits. If you get hurt, you will recover. What the fuck is the problem?”

Sarina was her name. She owns her own PR firm her in NYC and invited me to try a free class at Row House NYC.

January 4th: 8 A.M.: Starbucks on the corner of 85th and 2nd (obviously I live in the UES)

I was writing a blog entry for my site and set the book on the table next to me to remind myself to re-read the epilogue. Again, out of the corner of my eye, I could see a man inquisitively checking out the book. Finally, after a good 30 seconds of blatantly scrutinizing the cover, he looked at me and told me to take my head phones off. I did so.

He then asked, “What is the deal with this book?”

I politely smiled and replied, “The deal with this book is that if you are looking for any form of motivation or inspiration, you haven’t truly found it until you’ve read this.”

After giving him my fitness background, he laughed and replied, “Did you learn anything new about exercise from it?”

I laughed, and in return said, “1-18 pushups will forever be a part of my routine, I will only truly ABORT when i’m on the verge of death, and I will always capitalize on adrenaline.”

After our 20 minute conversation about life and fitness, I gave him my card and told him that only after he read the book, I would help him reach his goals.




hell on the hill


August 8th, 2015 was the day I lost my quads. Well more like 2 days after… On Saturday I competed in a race called Hell on the Hill put on by a client and friend of mine, Jesse Itzler, at his home in Connecticut.

The race is essentially 100 hill runs (a 60 meter hill, 35% incline, about 7 miles total). It was harder than any college track meet, marathon, or race I have ever done. What I can say is that it changed my outlook on physical fitness and taught me that mental strength is the ultimate tool. Check out some of the pics and footage from the event below.

Result: 1st place overall female 4th place overall @hellonthehill.

This year my $1000 goes to the PTSD Foundation of America for all of our active and veteran military members who gave it all. We are nothing without you. ‪#‎America‬ ‪#‎100hillruns‬ ‪#‎itsbeenrealNY‬ ‪#‎3rdplacenextyear‬  ‪#‎chargedup‬‪#‎fitness‬ #💯#🔝







Hell on the Hill Training

Presenting, Our 18 Day Training Guide.

Marq Brown and myself designed these workouts for Jesse to help his body dominate any strength and endurance challenge thrown his way; the true definition of an athlete. No matter how fast or how strong you think you are, when you combine strength and speed, it will show you where you’re weak!


In light of the struggle for all of us however, we had to remind ourselves (more than once), that this training is ultimately for Hell on The Hill, Jesse’s fundraising event. Click HERE to view photos from last year’s event or to sign up!

Click HERE for the 18 Day Training Guide.

If you are interested in trying a new 18 day challenge in August, email me at

5 of My Favorite Atlanta Runs

1. The Beltline

I love this run because it gives you a beautiful look at Atlanta’s more original and creative side. Also, there are hardly any crosswalks, which means an uninterrupted run.

2. The Chattahoochee River AKA Cochran Shoals Trail

Nestled in the woods off 75, this trail runs along the river and extends up and around a more mountainous region. I love it because it’s gravel, is primarily flat (if you stay on the trail and don’t go up the mountain), and has a lot of space. Since it’s a State Park, there is a $3 fee for parking here.

3. Stone Mountain

No you don’t run up Stone Mountain for this one! Well, you can, but you can also run around the base of the mountain. It has a Bike lane for road bikes, and a sidewalk that extends around the entire base. It’s about a 5 mile run and has some gnarly incline. So be prepared to get a hard run in.

4. Piedmont Park

I love, love, love the Active Oval at Piedmont Park! This is the top portion of the park. Not only is it gravel, but it has meter markers for the 200m, 400m, 600m, and the 800m, which makes for great interval workouts. It has a ton of new, functional exercise equipment for core and upper body exercises and 2 sets of stairs for stadiums. It’s off street parking and free.

5. Capital City Neighborhood

This is a neighborhood that surrounds a golf course in Brookhaven. There are some sidewalks, but it’s mostly road running. It doesn’t have too much traffic but has some beautiful scenery and tons of inclines/declines. The run around the golf course is about 3 miles, but there are several other streets to run on as well.

The “Fashion Meets Fitness” Movement

Two of my favorite things are exercise and fashion. So naturally, I am quite enthusiastic about the latest fashion movement.

Introducing, the Fashion-Meets-Fitness boom. I love it. The confidence that comes from exercise is undeniable, so why not capture that same athletic energy in your every day wear? After all, fashion is all about creating a vibe.

Retailers like Nike and Adidas, who are primarily known for their traditional athletic apparel, are now offering more fashionable pieces for every day wear. One of my favorite lines of Adidas’ clothing is Stella Macartney’s line. Other lines like Lorna Jane and The UK’s Sweaty Betty, are bringing athletic apparel to women that transcends past the doors or the gym.

The Nike Lab store in SoHo offers some of the coolest exclusive Nike items I have seen.

When I go to NYC, I love seeing women pair jeans or regular pants with Nike Fly Knits or athletic tights  with fashionable tops.

In 2013, women’s activewear annual revenue alone totaled 11.5 billion(1.3 of which belonged to Lululemon). By 2019, women’s activewear alone is projected to bring in $178 billion. Regular retailers such as Gap and Forever 21 have also both seen steady growth in their fairly new athletic apparel lines.

The fitness industry is global. And through social media, It unites us all. To me, athletic brands like Nike and Adidas create a global community. Finding passion and creativity through exercise or an active lifestyle is a beautiful thing. “This is not a fashion trend, it’s a lifestyle trend,” said Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at Port Washington, N.Y.-based market research firm NPD Group. “The difference here is that there’s functionality mixed with fashion, not just solely fashion.”




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